Prescription for Survival by Dr. Bernard Lown

"Historical amnesia is a prelude to repeated victimization."

-Bernard Lown, MD
Prescription for Survival


Excerpts: Rx for Survival

"This book exposes the hidden machinery of history. Monumental events, barely visible to the public eye at the time, shifted the trajectory away from nuclear war. Major actors in the unfolding drama were not statesmen but outsiders, medical doctors who were more comfortable wielding a stethoscope at a patient's bedside than jousting on the political stage against mushroom clouds..."

"The doctors bucked expert opinion to launch a dialogue with Communist colleagues in the USSR. To some within the government and media, this was an act of traitorous collaboration with those who threatened the very survival of the United States. Yet peace is not sustained by talking only with friends. One must communicate with an enemy..."

"At the heart of these cascading events is a human narrative: my chance encounter with a Soviet physician, Eugene Chazov. He was the leading cardiologist in the Soviet Union, the physician for those in power in the Kremlin..."

"I wish this book were a scholarly chronicle of times past, but in fact, the relevance of the story I must tell is likely to grow. With the end of the Cold War, the nuclear genie was not rebottled, but merely hidden from view. The United States, arguably the most powerful military nation in the bloody war-ridden history of humankind, has held on to its brimming nuclear arsenal. The lesson is clear: if the secure need such weapons, the weak can't do without them. Thus is global proliferation spawned...Today's suicide bombers will strap themselves with nuclear devices tomorrow..."


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