Prescription for Survival by Dr. Bernard Lown

"How close we came to extinction,
and it is forgotten now..."

-Bernard Lown, MD
Prescription for Survival


Foreword: Prescription for Survival
By: Howard Zinn

"It is a rare and welcome phenomenon when someone renowned in some sphere of science or art crosses into the arena of social struggle and dares to speak out on matters of peace and justice. One thinks of Albert Einstein, incomparable in his field, becoming a vocal advocate of peace. Or Bertrand Russell, world-famous philosopher, drafting, along with Einstein, a "Manifesto" against war. Or Noam Chomsky, pioneering linguist, turning his intelligence towards the most trenchant criticism of militarism and war.

Dr. Bernard Lown is a distinguished member of that small circle, having first attained international prominence as a cardiologist, and then becoming a founder of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, In the pages that follow, he recounts his journey, and an exciting one it is, in which the trajectory of his own life intersects with the most dangerous years of the nuclear age....

While the book concentrates on the critical cold war years of the 1980s, Lown concludes with a penetrating analysis of the foreign policy of the United States today. He points to the parallels with the cold war - "terrorism" replacing "communism" as fear grows into hysteria, resulting in irrational violence.

This is not just a remarkable history - personal and political - but a call to action. It is a plea to readers to speak up, to act. It tells us that history only takes a turn for the better when citizens, refusing to wait for governments, decide they must themselves join the long march towards a peaceful world."

Howard Zinn, Author of A People's History of the United States


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